Run over your own winch

The Defender is from day one when I purchased it in 2008 equipped with a removable winch. This winch is attached via a 1 ½” receiver either on forward or aft of the car. Since we have been told in the different overland story’s that a winch was needed during an overland trip we took ours with us. We have only used it onces in the last 5 months. The winch was high on the list to send home with the grand parents, my parents in law, when they returned form there visit in Peru. But weight restrictions on the plane have taken over. 🙂

After we left Juliaca we have been driving mainly on nicely asphalted roads. Peru has a set of nice roads! During our descend to Chivays we heared a loud bang, and in the mirror I could see some torned up metal. Also a trace of oil was marking the road.


Further investigation shows that the winch felt off, and we have been driving over it. First it has hit the anti rollbar, than the transfer case, after which it has clear cut the aft prop shaft off. A big hole in the transfer case cover, a propshaft which was reduced to some metal scrap and a winch broken in half was the major damage.

We have been lucky that a friendly couple underway with there young child to visit their parents in Chivay wanted to take us with them. We left the Defender on the side of the road and jumped all 5 on the aft seat.

Chivay is a small but friendly village. One mechanic workshop, El Azul, was pointed out to us for his knowledge and craftsmanship. This turned out to be 200% through, but also we met a very friendly and sympathic couple, Irma and Salamon. We have been fortunate, again!


Immediately after explaining our problem we jumped in a taxi to drive up the hill again and check what could be done.

The car was brought down and a plan was established. We were invited to sleep in there house for the night.


Since it was weekend and the spares would come during the week we took the opportunity to walk down into the Colca Value. This is the third deepest canyon in the world. 1239 meter down and back up.

During a small talk with Salamon it turned out he was looking to have a similar winch like we have. He would use it to help and recover cars in problems. I had the remaining’s of the winch which we had found after the incident already stored on the roof in a storage box. I was planning to repair the winch when home. But when I understood Salamon was looking for such a winch, I was more than glad to take it out the storage box and present it to my new friend.




Thanks Salamon and Irma!!



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