From 5000 to 0

17 feb – 21 feb 2017

These are not RPM’s, or kilo’s. This is us driving from Chivay to the sea level in one day. Via a beautiful and well maintained road we drove in one day from almost 5000 meter to the sea.

It’s the right way for the car. Defenders don’t like driving above 4000 meters high. Below this altitude, they perform better, with less black smoke and more power.

Also for us, it was a welcome change after more than 6 weeks at altitude, finally at the sea again!


We take the opportunity to have a picnic ‘pied a l’eau’. We needed some extra time to get back on the road….


After struggling more than a month with the turbo, first the rebuilt one who worked for 3000 km, and now a new one, it seems the Defender is behaving again.

We follow the Panamericana to the North. At the beginning from Camana to Yauca it was a single lane road curving around the mountains and the creeks. Later more to the north it’s mostly a highway with two lanes, but in all cases it’s a well maintained road. A pleasure to drive and make kilometers, we love the scenery passing by.

A stop at the NAZCA lines is off course obligatory! We climb up the Maria Reich tower. This German scientific has spent most of her life investigating the different lines. Since we did not want to spend the money on a airplane we could only see a limited amount of lines, satisfying enough!

The day after we stay in Ica, this is the paradise of sand dune driving and snowboarding. While Barbara is taking some ‘me’ time, the kids and me take some ‘we’ time. We have a lot of fun. When the driver/guide drives up to the next high hill for the sunset, the kids only have an eye for the next descend awaiting them. Exhausted and satisfied we flush the sand of in the swimming pool!

There was no stop planned in the capital city, Lima. We pass the mega city on Sunday during daytime. We anticipated less traffic…Luckily enough the copilot guided us through without hesitation.

In Lima we meet Land Rover Peru Members. Enough to talk about!

We stay for a night in a swimming paradise. We have more than three swimming pools available, two slides. In the evening we socialize with two young holiday workers from the resort..

Temperature during day and night is much higher than in the mountains, which brings lovely evenings, and a lot of Mousquitos.

We pass 20.000 km in South America, equivalent to 4 years of school run and cruising around the church with the Defender!!



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