Yep we made safely and sound to Buenos Aires. We joint an AirEuropa A330/200. This type of plane is build since 1991, and we could tell that ours was one of the first if not a prototype. To give an example: my screen, like many others, did not work. Luckily enough the ones from the kids did. It saved the day, since the ipod’s have been discharged during the waiting time in Madrid, and no USB charge points were available on the plane.
Thus once we landed we loudly applauded for the brave pilot who guided us through our first adventure.
Little we knew about what was following. A luggage handling strike, thus all belts stopped and thousands of people awaiting for there belongings or minimal some information when to receive same. We waited from 8h till midday until the luggage belts started working again. With only a 1/2 kg of M&M’s our three young travellers done very well during this boring and tiring morning. We are proud of them!

After a 30′ taxi drive, arranged by a very friendly Argentina, Miguel, we arrived with our 69 kilo’s of luggage in a very nice hotel, Tribeca. The beautiful room was available @ 14.00 thus we spend the waiting time ordering some good food. By 15.00 we killed the jet-lag with a little afternoon nap.

Once washed and dressed for a fresh evening, down town was our playground. Equipped with a map we got lost downtime strolling through small roads, enjoying this busy city centre, sight-seeing in the streets with the trees full of fresh leaves. Indeed spring started in Buenos Aires!

2 reacties op ‘Arrival

  1. mama/papa/Nína en Opa schreef:

    Ollalaaaa. Dat was al meteen avontuur bij jullie aankomst. Maar zoals het spreekwoord zegt: la pluie du matin n’arrête pas le pélérin. En dan de eerste les aardrijkskunde voor de kinderen: hoe met je ouders een slechte (?) kaart lezen van BA. Ook de eerste les: comportement psychologique: pourquoi maman dit que c’est à droite et papa dit que c’est à gauche? haha!
    Kus van een zonnige thuis waar de herfstblaren nog net niet vallen en waar de mollen superactief zijn en de tuin omtoveren in een maanlandschap.


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